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In my early 20's I worked as a fashion model in London for various high end companies in the retail and beauty industry which included Yves Saint Laurent, Guerlain and Chanel to name a few. Having trained as a professional dancer at London Studio Centre it enabled me to develop the skill of being able to interpret direction quickly for what was needed by clients and be effective to a varied audience.
Through this I developed the ability to perform, network and connect with people giving me the opportunity to develop workshops for individuals and groups that need to build confidence in speaking or delivering speeches to a public audience. In addition to this I am an experienced teacher who has taught in many educational settings focussing on helping kids access core curriculum subjects using performance skills & creating performances from play texts, musicals & devised works for the public.

grey arrows Musical Theatre 3 year Diploma course; Commended: London Studio Centre July 1994

grey arrows First class BA honours in drama and theatre studies July 1998

grey arrows PGCE Central School of Speech and Drama : June 2001